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Everything on this site is essentially in first draft form; if you spot any inconsistencies or errors*, please do me a favor and point them out to me.

*Tom and Steve - your XP and treasure rewards do not contain errors. I didn't forget any +3 Keen Flaming Vorpal weapons.

- The Gray Hand meets next on TBD
- The Second Hand meets next on TBD
- Please see Resources page - it has been extensively updated. Pay special attention to the Character Advancement section
- Since you'll all have 3-4 sessions under your belts, I am allowing some additional resources for feats, spells, gear, and introducing character traits. These will apply starting at level 8.

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Welcome to the kingdom of Karathos in the world of Rift! We will be using this website to manage inter-session interactions and gameplay for the Karathos campaign.

Both groups will exist concurrently in the same world! I'm quite excited about this and intend to do my best to pull it off, but please bear with me if there are hiccups. Please use the forum on this website to facilitate inter-group and inter-session interactions; I'll establish some ground rules for these interactions in the upcoming days, but basically we want to keep it as realistic as possible and reduce metagaming. For example, when the two groups are far apart geographically, they cannot communicate with each other instantaneously, short of the possibility of some clever magical means. I will aim to run a session for both groups in the same week, then take a week, sometimes two, off between sessions.

The Second Hand will meet on Saturday evenings (weekly) from 5-8 PM, although Sundays from 2-5 PM seem to be a viable backup typically. This group consists of:
- Adam (Tiras Eldraine) - Tiras Eldraine, Human paladin
- Ben (zale1521) - Zale Zanders, Human ranger
- Kaitlyn (Bean) (whatkindofbean) - Seraphina 'The Siren' Calliope Detue Virotuso I, alias Iwins, Halfling bard
- Karen (Xbow) - Rayna, Human barbarian
- Lauren (bitterist) - Ada, Half-Elf druid
- Sarah (therivanqueen) - Ren, Half-Elf rogue

The Gray Hand will meet on Tuesday evenings (bi-weekly) from 5-9 PM, sometimes 5-10 PM. This group consists of:
- Brian (SkullTT) - Myrak Envubarin, Elf wizard
- Josh (joshtrobins) - Seag El, Human cleric
- Robert (wood0257) - Amandil Eglath, Half-Elf ranger
- Steve (Not Steve) - Threlgk, Half-Orc barbarian
- Tina (Tina Geller) - Karilya, Gnome monk
- Tom V (Tom the Viking) - Keppra, Elf rogue
- Will (wdurley) - Dorin, Halfling monk

Campaign details:
- We will be using Pathfinder rules for the games; these are freely available online here: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/

- We will be sticking to the core races, classes, gear, feats, and spells. If you REALLY want to play a non-standard race or class, talk to me and we can probably work something out. Same with feats, gear, and spells. My main goal here is to keep things balanced so everyone has fun, and I'll likely be fine with exceptions as long as they aren't game-breaking.

- My games tend to be roleplay and story-heavy. Combat is absolutely an important feature, but I encourage you to flesh out your characters with backstories, feel free to use the ideal/bond/flaw concept from 5th Edition if you'd like; it can be pretty useful for coming up with character back-story ideas (overview here: https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/basic-rules/personality-and-background#PersonalityTraits examples of each are given in the 5th edition players handbook and some can be found online.)

- I discourage min-maxing in my games (in my experience, it usually leads to other players feeling left out and unimportant, which I absolutely want to avoid) and I do my best to make sure everyone's character gets a chance to shine. If you're feeling left out or underappreciated, please let me know privately so I can make sure you're enjoying the game. The up-side of this is that you should feel free to play any of the base classes without worrying about it underperforming from a min-max standpoint; you will be appreciated and valued.

- I am building the game(s) from scratch, so don't bother trying to look for the module so you can read ahead ;-)

- The party will begin at level 7 and we will be following the Medium XP track from the Core Rulebook (don't worry too much about this unless you want to; I'll let everyone know when you should level, though I will allocate XP at the end of each session.)

- In order for the party to fit into the world and the role they will be playing, I will be restricting character concepts somewhat; it simply won't make sense in-game for people to be all over the place. See the below section for guidelines when thinking about what you want to play.

- Based on your characters' backgrounds, throughout the campaign, I will give certain characters information ranging from trivial to life-savingly relevant. YOUR BACK STORY MATTERS. A LOT.

- Corollary to the above: the world is a dangerous place, and not everything is deliberately tailored to your party's level. If you choose to enter the lair of an elder red dragon at level 6, I won't stop you, but the dragon sure will. This is one way your characters' backgrounds will come into play - a certain player may have highly relevant information about a certain monster based on their background. Note that I'm also not a sadistic DM; I'm not going to throw things at you that are designed to kill you; you'll be given enough information to have a pretty good idea as to whether you can handle something or not.

Character restrictions, guidance, and advice:
- No characters with the following alignments: LE, NE, CE, CN. If your character acts in these directions, they will face the realistic consequences of their actions.

- NG, NN, CG are strongly encouraged as alignments due to the nature of your party. LN and LG are acceptable but will be a tad awkward. Concordantly, I am relaxing alignment requirements for classes such as paladin and monk.

- At least one character from each party needs to have fairly high intelligence and at least one needs to have fairly high charisma (fairly high = 14+, 16+ would be better.) For those newer players, classes that benefit from high INT include bard, rogue, wizard and classes that benefit from high CHA include bard, cleric, paladin, sorcerer.

- Magic is uncommon in the world. This should not discourage you at all from playing a caster; however, it will influence how NPCs react to casters when they meet you. Magic is not perceived as bad, just rare. Correspondingly, magic items will not be falling out of every monster's pockets (though they do exist). If you've always wanted to try your hand with crafting feats, this game wouldn't be the worst time to try.

- As I mentioned in the email that some of you received, the parties are groups of bounty hunters who live on the border between civil society and the outlaw world. The world is a dark, gritty place, full of monsters, and the PCs have made a living for several years now by collecting bounties, be they on monsters, criminals, political targets, or really anything else that pays, as long as the job doesn't violate your ethical standards. You've made a name for yourselves within the kingdom to the point that your services are periodically hired by mayors, governors, sheriffs, lords, even the crown once or twice. As you are thinking about your character concept, consider how it would fit into this sort of group.

- Once we have the groups figured out, please talk with one another and plan out your party accordingly. A bounty hunting party would likely not be comprised of all clerics and wizards, for instance, and your characters will all know each other and have worked together for some time so we can avoid the awkward "you walk into the tavern and see a dwarf fighter, elven rogue, and human wizard sitting alone at separate tables…go figure out how to turn yourselves into a party" moment. You're free to come up with whatever party concept you want within these guidelines, but you'll make things a lot harder on yourselves than they need to be without someone who can cast healing spells and someone who is a front-line tank in each party.

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